Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That teasing cat.....

Anyone else know a cat that drives them mad?

There is a black and white cat that sits on the roof of MY shed and just, well, teases the life out of me. It will hiss at me, sussss at me and if it is given the chance will dart across MY garden and dare me to get him. You know what I mean? Yep, that cat is a downright tease and I am getting fed up.

Last week I saw him sitting there and barked the biggest macho bark and mum nearly dropped her tea with fright. She very kindly let me out into the garden so I could go and bark at him. Yesterday there he was....sitting there just begging for me to go get him if I could. Well, silly Mr Cat underestimated my speed!!!!! Oooh yes, Mr Cat was oh so nearly no more. (Mum would like to add that she would NEVER let anything hurt the cat as she likes them too much!)

Today, there I was minding my own business sitting in MY garden, sniffing MY air when there he was...at the end of MY garden. In MY garden, can you imagine that?? In MY garden!!!!!!!!!
I was shocked at first but I soon put myself into gear and ran up the garden so fast I suprised myself. I suprised Mr Cat too as he just looked at me with eyes the size of saucepan lids. He couldn't move. I skidded up to him and we both just looked at each other not really knowing what to do for the best. Did I just retreat back, tell Mr Cat it was nice to see him, thank him for visiting MY garden and then go inside or did I bark at him? What to do!?

I decided that I might just try out the bark and see what happened. So I barked my biggest bark and waited......Mr Cat just looked at me as if to say "oh yeah, and what?" so I barked again. By this time dad was stood at the door and mum was peering out the kitchen window with a very worried look on her face. I decided I might try the paw thing and kinda prodded Mr Cat with my paw....he didn't like that and bashed me back with his paw. Oh so he wants a fight eh I thought. By this time dad was there and scooped me up in his arms as he didn't want Mr Cat hurt. Mr Cat then ran off but couldn't climb the fence fast enough and kept falling back down. By now mum was in the garden too trying to shoooo Mr Cat off and help him escape as she was worried for him. Thankfully he got up the fence and had the cheek to hiss at us all!

Seems Mr Cat is the new cat on the block and is still a kitten and lives 2 doors up......I am going to have to show him this is my territory I think!


Boomer said...

At least you don't live with a cat in your house like I do. Can I send him to your home???

macgoogle said...

Mr Cat sounds like a pain in the bum. Almost all the cats I meet run away from me - all I want to do is play and make friends. The birds in my yard are more like your Mr Cat. They chirp at me and try to sit in MY yard and steal MY food! Birdies are for chasing, I say. The more scared they are the better (that goes for your cat too).

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Boo said...

oh loui,

i strongly believe you could win if you two fight! go loui! but i heard those cats have pretty scary nails... becareful though.

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Didn't want Mr Cat hurt?? He started it, cats are horrid and should all be chased far, far away. Watch out though they have little knives attached to their paws.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Yep, I have a black & white furball living in MY house. She is mean with the paw swipes too, so watch your nose!

Oscar x

Scrappy said...

I have the same sort of cat living next door to me too. I run outside and bail him up and out comes mom and he rolls over on his back for a tummy rub from her, all innocent like. What is it with cats?

Tail wags