Thursday, February 08, 2007

White, white everywhere!!

It's here!!
So far today I have been out twice in this snow. First time was at 5.30am as normal and then again at 8am because the sons school was shut and he wanted to play with me in the snow.

We built the biggest snowman in the world!!!

I only met a few new friends this morning but only my good friends Bailey and Mollie come out to play....the others all chickened out and stayed home in the warm!

I'm going out again very soon.....I can't wait!!


Simba said...

Not many doggies out here either, cowards.

Simba xx

Kevin the Collie said...

Hi Loui
We had snow too, about six inches deep. Mum tried to take my picture but I just stayed out long enough to do my business, then back to the Aga. Hope you are enjoying your day off together.
Hugs, Licks,

Kev xxx

Ivy said...

oh snow! SNOW!! i luuuv snow!! i got sum snow in my backyard yesterday but it wuzzent nearly enuf. i am so jellus that you got to make the biggest snowman ever! he looks so cool!

Sharon said...

Hi Loui,
We have snow, too, but it is so cold, poor Snickers is getting sore foot pads. She isn't even outside very much. We are rubbing vaseline in at night to help.

Boo said...

snow! finally reaches you huh loui. you were complaining the day before and you got it the next day.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

did you pee on the snowman?!

Oscar Airedale said...

It is so much fun isn't it Loui? I kept mum out for 2 and a half hours yesterday afternoon! It's snowing really heavily again now, whoopee!

Like the snowman. I found one yesterday with, ahem, "boy bits" made of snow which I ate!!!

Oscar x

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