Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trent park again....

I love it there and was really happy dad decided to go back this evening. That meant I got to swim again. It was odd tonight up there. Dad parked up and off we went through the woods and as we come out onto the grass there was a great big gazebo erected with loads of people playing silly games. You should have heard the noise they made too! I could hear it down by the lake....noisey lot! I think they were some kind of religious group as they were singing songs together.

It started to rain towards the end of our walk and all of a sudden this man come charging up the path, puffing and panting behind us. He looked a bit out of place and I think mum thought what was he up to. Then his wife and kids come along too all with lovely brightly coloured umbrellas.

I got home to have a BIG bowl of freshly cooked chicken....I am really spoilt you know. Then I got some lovely biscuits too. I must have been really good today as I have had lots of treats. I thought that I may as well go play with mum so grabbed my pulley toy and went and plonked it on her lap. She is such a soft touch.....we had good fun and then it was finished off wtih a big cuddle from mum!


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