Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chat, chat, chat....

My mum does know how to chat! She drives me mad....we always meet up with other dogs and my mum always manages to get chatting. Last night was a completely mad night. We ended up with about 10 dogs and all their owners chatting...didn't care about us, oh no, chat, chat, chat! Let me see if I can remember who was out. Boo, Dizzy, Molly the old English sheepdog, Dizzys sister Ella..I can't remember all their names but I do know I had fun!!

Molly the sheepdog, now there's a story! She was lost up there and her owners were so upset by it all, they used to run round and round just calling her name out. She couldn't get to them as she was stuck and was there for 3 whole days!! Can you believe that....I did feel so sad for her but at least she is back at home now.

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