Saturday, August 26, 2006


First they send me to Jennies and then on Thursday they decided to drag me off down to Kent to stay in this thing called a caravan. I had no idea what that was until I got there and to be honest I'm not so sure I liked it either. It's a big house type thingy. Mum wasn't too keen on going and the son was bored stiff as soon as we got there....Dad of course was happy.

There was a Staff called Jasper in the caravan next door.....I don't think he liked me to be honest. He did lots of barking at me so of course I had to join in. I used my big macho bark at him....hey, I was round my side of our van so what was all the noise about from him!! The only good point was the lovely walks we had on the beach. We had some real fun times and I do love swimming in the sea. Even the son come in an joined in the splashing.

Hee hee....look at the picture of me guarding the caravan inbetween barking at Jasper. I so enjoyed telling that silly dog off. Anyone would think he owned the place!

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