Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am worn out!

I am just so tired today!
I was up and out by 6am again today. I was so eager to see Mollie and Bailey this morning. I so love running wild with them both. I ended up being out for about 2 hours this morning and went home happy but tired.
This afternoon dad decided we would have a long old walk again. We were out for 2 hours again....I have to say I did sit down a few times for a rest but off dad kept calling me to heel.
Then tonight again off we went and oh, everyone was out for a walk tonight. All the usual gang were there and we all had a fab time.
Sadly a couple of fellas come along with 3 dogs. They put 2 on leads and the third one, a german shepherd decided to take a disliking to me! Oooh dear, he really scared me and gave me a bit of a turn. He chased me and we got into a bit of a scrap. I was really upset and ran off to be by my dads side. do I look like a dangerous dog? I think the GSD was a reall bully! Dad was unhappy too about it but he gave me a good looking over to make sure I was ok. I kept by his side for a while, didn't want that GSD to come back again.

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