Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kaiser did it again!

Had a really nice morning walk even though it was all wet and drizzling. Dad loves the rain and will walk me for miles in it, good job I don't mind.
Bailey and Mollie were out to play this morning and so the 3 of us ran riot again. We had a real game in the brook and I got home looking like a drowned rat. Just as I was about to get in the car I heard those familiar footsteps and yep, there was that Kaiser again. He just knew I was about and ran down to find me. I have no idea how he knows I am about, it must be my smell. I know mum is always saying I smell and squirting that smelly stuff all over me so perhaps I do smell afterall. Kaisers owners are away so the neighbour is looking after him and she just knows where she will find him (thankfully) should he run off.....he will be with Loui!

I think we are going off on some hike this afternoon....mum and dad are still making their minds up as to where we head. That means we will probably end up going nowhere....they sometimes never agree!

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