Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back at home!

They did come back! I have to admit to getting a bit worried....they were gone so long!! Anyway, the 3 of them arrived dead on the stroke of 11am to collect me. Was I ever glad to see them!!!! I ran right over to dad and then the son...ignored mum, well, she only feeds me! She did get a bit upset though that I didn't make a fuss of her, I suppose I was a bit mean to her.
They took me straight to my favourite place, Trent Park for a lovely long walk and a swim in the lake. It was fun today as every dog in North London/Herts seemed to be there.

I got home to the biggest bowl of steak.....now I really was mean to mum wasn't I as she has spoilt me with the steak. Yummy!! I got home and got plunged into the bath. What was that all about!!! Oh well, it was good to be at home again. Mum washed my bed out too and put the cushion in the washing machine "just incase" I had bought "anything" home with me....her mind works overtime about crawlies you know. So for now I have an old quilt put in the bed just to keep me comfy!

How I love being home!

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