Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's a loooong weekend....

Mum and Dad have gone away for the weekend leaving me with Jenny for 3 whole days and nights. I've never been to stay here before but have visited a couple of times. It's really lovely here though, very comfy and mum and dad even thought of my comfort and bought my bed here. I have had to fight a few other dogs off out of it though....flippin' cheek, it's my bed! Jenny calls me King Loui and just makes so much fuss of me that I just love it!

So they dropped me off Friday morning before they whizzed off to their weekend in the country. They were meeting with loads of other friends for some Mini weekend thing. I dunno, mum gets so excited about it all. She was looking forward to meeting some friends from Ireland (wherever that is!) as she chats to them on the computer all the time.

Mum took some lovely food to Jennies for me....chicken and steak and lots of biscuits and chews for me and my new found friends. I can't wait to see them though.....I do hope they are coming back for me. See, I am a little scared as they rescued me from the Mayhew animal rescue centre only a few months ago and I hope they haven't just dumped me here like my previous owners. I am sure they won't have but it's a little bit of a worry for me......

Hurry up and come and get me please!

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