Thursday, December 28, 2006

A lovely walk down by the Thames

In order that my mum, dad and the son walk off some of their Christmas over indulgences we all went for a walk down by the river Thames. Now the Thames is a loooooong river but there are so many things to do and see down at the London end of it. We went to the Millenium bridge and had a wonder over that and goodness me, it was chocka block with people. Tourists my mum called them as they all spoke in funny languages. They all loved me so that was a real result as they all kept making a fuss of me and I really enjoyed that!

This photo is me and dad waiting for the son to stop fiddling with some machine on the embankment that sent a photo to friends. The son loved the machine!
This photo is of me on the bridge looking down at everyone whooshing to and fro on their way to wherever. I felt really high up and like King of the Castle up there and didn't want to move.
Mum took lots of photos (she got a lovely new camera from Santa) and I think they are going to be for the other blog so keep your eyes open for what she posts over there when she has the time!


Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Loui! Tell your Mum she takes great pics with her new camera. We like the pictures of London! I have never been but my Jeannie has, she went on the London Eye - she said it was very exciting.

We found your other place for the photos a couple of days before Christmas, but Blogger would not let us comment then, it seems ok now though!

Keep taking the pictures!

love and licks Marvin x

Loui said...

Mum loves the London Eye and has been on it several times now...including the hottest day of the year where the air conditioning broke down in all the pods!

Loui xx

T-man said...

Ooh, we will look forward to seeing your new pictures. Your London pictures came out really nicely!


Boo said...

hey loui, i visited "the other" blog couple of days ago before my internet speed turn into snail. that's a very very nice photo blog over there. r u sure u r not the photographer? r u sure it's really your mom that took those? LOL

wet wet licks


Justin said...

Hi, happy new year in advance! You seem to njoy that walking down the can peep into this Pet Party Contest held in our local park.

Scrappy said...

What great pics. I love looking at both your blogs the photography is wonderful.

Tail wags

Sunshade said...

GREAT pictures Loui, you live in a lovely place!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade